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Nursing Licensure issues arise any time a Registered or Licensed Practical nurse has been called before the Board of Nursing to defend their nursing license.

Being called before the Minnesota Board of Nursing is one of the most frightening ordeals a professional nurse may face. Barbara Forshier of Forshier Law, L.L.C., is a Registered Nurse in current practice with over 30 years of nursing experience. She is THE advocate you want on your side if you are ever called upon to defend your license before the Board of Nursing. Ms. Forshier knows the language and understands the professional practice of nursing as well as the many stressors associated with this honorable profession.

Mother And Daughter With Nurse In Intensive Care Unit

Unlike other professions, nurses are often caught in the middle between advocating for our patients and working within the restrictive, cost conscious, corporate health care system. Professional nurses often become caregivers, not only at work, but in their private lives where they may be expected to care for ill relatives in addition to their own immediate families. Consequently, RNs and LPNs frequently forget to attend to their own needs which may contribute to depression or chemical abuse. Forshier Law will take care of you through this experience, providing understanding, respect and encouragement.

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