Taking your issues with the Board of Nursing to the media or to your own social media accounts is akin to throwing gasoline on a bonfire. If you’re entangled in allegations, you are already on treacherous ground. Accusing the Board of Nursing of targeting you or treating you unfairly will only make the situation more difficult and more drawn-out. While you may get some support from people on social media, it’s just as likely that the tide will turn against you and you’ll end up having vocal opponents reach out to the Board directly to encourage more severe disciplinary action against you. Once something is released to the media or to social media, you no longer have any control over what happens. It could result in widespread support for you and the dropping of all allegations, or it could spin out of control and go viral in the worst way possible. Do not take chances on something as important as your nursing career. Resist turning to social media for support in your issues and contact an attorney instead.

We know how worried you must be right now as you think about the future of your career and how you can protect your license from the allegations you’re facing. This is not a time to panic! This is a time to take decisive action and do everything in your power to protect the career you have worked so hard to build. Don’t panic, but on the same note, don’t assume everything will work out in your favor. Hire a nursing license defense attorney, give them all of the information you have, and follow their advice. You work hard to take care of your patients, now let us work hard to help you.

I Vented About a Problematic Patient on Social Media and the Board of Nursing is Taking Action Against Me. Isn’t that a Violation of My Privacy?

The Board of Nursing takes action against direct complaints. If you complained about your workplace, coworkers, or a patient on social media, someone who viewed those posts sent them to the Board of Nursing to complain about them. This is not a violation of your privacy; this is the role that the Board of Nursing plays in protecting the image of the industry in the public’s eyes.

These accusations can lead to serious disciplinary action, particularly if you vented about patients. Patients’ privacy rights are paramount in healthcare facilities, and depending on what you posted, you may have violated those rights or acted unethically in your role as a nurse.

Whatever the circumstances are, you should not focus on the Board’s role in getting copies of your social media posts and what you believe to be an intrusion on your privacy. You should instead focus on contacting a lawyer to defend you against claims of privacy violation and unethical behavior.