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Nursing License Defense

When the license you've worked so hard for is in jeopardy, it can be completely overwhelming. We understand the panic you’re undoubtedly feeling and we want to support you throughout this process. Let us take care of you.

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Disqualifications and Fair Hearings for Nurses

Direct care providers, including RNs and LPNs who provide hands-on care may be disqualified from direct contact after a background study. This not only prohibits you from working in the specific facility you applied to work at but all jobs involving direct contact with vulnerable populations.

Meet Barb

Barbara Forshier has extensive experience working with nurses who are union members of the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) as well as non-union members. She was elected to and served for 6 years as a metro hospital union chairperson, has represented nurses in her role as a nurse in 4 contract negotiations, has been an elected member to the MNA Board of Directors, and was also elected to the MNA Governmental Affairs Commission for several terms, serving as chairperson for 1 of those terms. Forshier Law, LLC has a long, extensive history working with and advocating for nurses both at the bedside and at the State Capital.

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...I really felt she was in my corner...

Barb was amazing! It was incredibly hard having to be reviewed by the Minnesota Board of Nursing. Stressful to say the least but with Barb representing me, it gave me much comfort and confidence. She really took the time to get to know me and my situation. She was quick to respond to all my calls, texts, and e-mails. She was very thorough in representing me and really seem to have a good handle on my investigation. I really felt she was in my corner. She did an amazing job representing me and I would highly recommend her! I had a good outcome thanks to her. She is such a good role model to all us nurses and our profession.

Helping You With Your Nursing License Defense

In recent years, the field of nursing has seen a significant shift. Unfortunately, this shift does not benefit nurses or even the patients they serve. Nurses have committed themselves to providing evidence-based care that prioritizes the patient’s health and well-being. That doesn’t always mean doing what the patient wants or providing care in the way that the patient prefers. This used to be fine, since nurses were tasked with providing the best care—not catering to a patient’s preferences.

Now, though, the difference between what a patient needs and what a patient wants may cause problems for nurses. Healthcare administrators have started to treat health care the same way they treat a customer service business. Nurses’ performance is based on patient surveys, and unhappy patients are far more likely to fill out these surveys than patients who are happy with their care. As a result, nurses are often punished for being unable to placate a difficult patient or for providing necessary care. Healthcare facilities do not provide customer service, and nurses need to be able to focus on providing excellent care, not trying to avoid negative marks on a survey that treats patients as customers.

Additional changes have also made this field very difficult for nurses. In order to minimize their liability and capture costs to pass on to patients, administrators have ramped up documentation requirements. These requirements have slowly encroached on the time a nurse has for patient care. Instead, nurses are required to spend less and less time with patients and more time sitting in front of a computer. When this leads to negative outcomes, the nurse is often blamed.

If your license is threatened because of a complaint, Forshier Law, LLC is here to help. We will look at the complaints against you, get your side of the story, and provide advice regarding your next step. We will handle the situation with the seriousness it deserves and give you a realistic view of possible outcomes. We will also guide you through any hearings you have in front of the Minnesota Board of Nursing or investigations by the Office of the Attorney General.


Can I meet with a patient after they are discharged?

In short, no, it is not okay to meet with a patient...

In short, no, it is not okay to meet with a patient after they are discharged. This would be considered a former client or patient. Both the Board of Behavioral Health & Therapy (BBHT) and the Board of Social Work (BoSW) have laws/rules regarding intimate relationships with former patients/clients. What starts as a cup of coffee often results in an intimate relationship.

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Does hiring an attorney make me look guilty?

In short, hiring an attorney does not make you look guilty. Some...

In short, hiring an attorney does not make you look guilty. Some of the clients that come to us do so late in the process, having already met with the Board of Nursing. By the time they come to us, they have realized that the Board is moving to take serious action against them, and they want to minimize the damage.

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How can an attorney help me defend my nursing license?

An attorney can certainly help you defend your license. The effectiveness of...

An attorney can certainly help you defend your license. The effectiveness of the defense depends on the allegations you’re facing and the amount of evidence against you. If you are facing allegations for something you did and that you admit to, your nursing license attorney may primarily engage in damage control.

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We Are Here to Help—Don’t Take on the Licensing Board Alone 

You are not alone. Forshier Law, LLC has represented hundreds of nurses who never dreamed they would be called to defend their professional license. Skipping legal representation doesn’t prove your innocence or show that you have nothing to hide; it simply puts you at greater risk of having your license disciplined or being put under unreasonable work restrictions.

Don’t take a chance on your career. You do not have to face your licensing board alone and try to defend yourself against complaints. With the help of a nurse defense lawyer, you can tell your side of the story, stand up for yourself, and fight to keep the career you have worked so hard for.

Take the first step now and reach out to Forshier Law, LLC to schedule your free phone consultation. Contact us today set up a time to talk. We look forward to working with you.

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