In short, hiring an attorney does not make you look guilty. Some of the clients that come to us do so late in the process, having already met with the Board of Nursing. By the time they come to us, they have realized that the Board is moving to take serious action against them, and they want to minimize the damage. What kept them from coming to us from the start?

In most cases, they were afraid that hiring a nursing license lawyer would make them look guilty. Maybe they are innocent of the allegations brought against them, or maybe they thought the evidence against them wasn’t strong enough to result in disciplinary action. Either way, they wanted to maintain the appearance of innocence by keeping lawyers out of it.

This is one of the most serious mistakes you can make when your nursing license is on the line. Hiring a nursing license attorney does not make you look guilty. It simply shows that you value your license and that the legal aspects of the allegations against you are outside your scope of knowledge. If you had any other legal problem, you would turn to an attorney without worrying that they would make the situation worse. Approach your licensing issues with the same viewpoint. If you are guilty of the allegations against you, your attorney may be able to mitigate the damage and preserve your career. If you are innocent and the situation is a misunderstanding, your attorney is likely better trained to explain that to the Board of Nursing than you are. Either way, do not worry about looking guilty by bringing a lawyer into the equation—the Board of Nursing certainly has its own attorneys during these proceedings. If you are in need of an experienced nursing license defense attorney, do not hesitate to contact Barb Forshier of Forshier Law today.