This is perhaps one of the most common questions nursing license defense attorneys get. You do really need a lawyer if allegations have been made against you, because you will be required to appear before the Board in a trial-like setting. Many people believe that the truth is a bulletproof defense against license revocation or other disciplinary action. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case. Whether or not the case against you is true, the Board of Nursing can take away your license or otherwise take disciplinary action against you. Their goal is to protect the patients of Minnesota above all else, and if that means disciplining a nurse who may or may not have acted unethically, they will generally go the route that protects patients. They also have an interest in protecting themselves. If a nurse causes a patient’s death or serious injury after having allegations dropped, it is likely that future litigation efforts will look at the Board of Nursing’s role in the patient’s outcome. You do not want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to protecting your license, so even if you are completely innocent, consult an attorney.

I Believe the Allegations Against Me are the Result of a Misunderstanding. Wouldn’t it be Better to Clear it Up with the Board of Nursing Directly Instead of Hiring a Nursing License Defense Lawyer?

If you have received a letter about allegations against you or you’ve heard about complaints against you through the grapevine, do not reach out to the Board of Nursing without a legal representative! This is a common mistake that many nurses make. In many cases, reaching out to the Board of Nursing directly can actually put you in a worse situation than you started with. It’s unlikely that they will hear your side and agree that the entire situation is a misunderstanding; it is more likely that you’ll bring up something they did not know about that makes you look guilty. It does not drag out the process to hire an attorney for nurses, nor does it weaken your case to turn to a legal professional. It is the single smartest thing you can do if you are invested in the future of your nursing career. If you are in this position, contacting Barb Forshier could save your career, don’t delay!