I’ve Recently Been Accused of Drug Diversion, What Should I Do?

If you’ve been accused of drug diversion, please consider how serious this situation is. You should be on the phone with a Minnesota attorney for nurses immediately. Drug diversion is a crime, and whether the accusations are founded or unfounded, this could follow you your entire career. Furthermore, it could cause you to lose your license permanently or even be arrested on criminal charges. When you meet with your nursing license defense lawyer, give them all the information you have. They will help you plan your next steps and tell you whether or not you also need a criminal defense attorney. If you have already been accused of drug diversion by the Minnesota Board of Nursing, consider contacting attorney Barb Forshier today. Our law firm is ready to field any questions or concerns you may have regarding your case. 

But I did not divert. Will I lose my license?

No. This is a tough spot to be in for any nurse. Because now you have to prove to the Board a negative, that you did not divert, despite the serious allegations against you from your employer. If you are brought in with this allegation, offer a drug test. Often the employer will not take you up on your offer because after all, you could be selling the drugs. In this case, go in and get a toxicology screen done asap. Call your doctor and have them order it for you. A negative toxicology screen will be a part of proving your case to the Board.