Common Reasons Nurses Get in Trouble with the Board

The Board of Nursing investigates a wide range of allegations and complaints. Some of the most common reasons they take disciplinary action against nurses include:

  • Criminal convictions that prevent the nurse from keeping their license or that may make them unfit to continue working in the healthcare field
  • Unsafe practices that leave patients at risk of being neglected, actively harmed, or mistreated
  • Substandard care that harms patients while exposing both the nurse and their employer to liability
  • Boundary violations, including sexual or romantic contact with patients, accepting money or other gifts from patients, leaning on patients as a source of support, or blurring the lines between professional and personal connections
  • Breaching confidentiality and otherwise violating a patient’s right to privacy
  • Substance use or abuse, including diversion of medications, working while impaired or falsifying medication documentation

The Board of Nursing has a wide scope of oversight, and they have the power to investigate essentially anything that would make a nurse a danger to the public or the patients they serve.

Within those common reasons nurses get in trouble with the board are details that are case-specific. If you find yourself as the subject of allegations made by your licensing board, you will want to have an experienced nursing license defense attorney as your counsel. Barb Forshier of Forshier Law has decades of experience being a nurse and serving as their counsel later on in her career. Contact the firm today.